About Us

At the Forty Thousand Club‚ we have taken it upon ourselves to help people with their student loans. Everyone who takes loans are not always positioned to repay them easily. In fact‚ those who are in debt put themselves in a position that is unfavorably in many ways. Parents of students who are putting themselves through college and college students themselves are among the worst affected.

Today education is not always affordable. Students who put themselves through higher education are better positioned for success in terms of professional lives and careers than those who do not. As per Wells Fargo – the average cost of a year in college right now is around $33‚500 for private institutions and between $9‚000 and $25‚000 for public colleges. In fact‚ one of the primary reasons why people end up not going to college is because of the costs.

The Answer To Your Debt Woes:

Here is another shocking statistic; collectively the amount of money that students owe as of 2017 is nearly $1.3 trillion! That is more than the GDP of most countries! We are causing worries on our youngsters even before they get the chance to prove themselves in life. When students finish college and step out into the real world with a looming burden of up to a few hundred thousand dollars worth of debt is downright disheartening. It can push people into doing things and taking jobs that might not be the right fit or simply not the most optimal career path that they could have possibly chosen.

How We Can Help:

The Forty Thousand Club steps in and pays the Parent Plus Loans and Student Loans for the debtors. The Club pays the money directly to the Department Of Education or the loan center where the borrower owes their money. The main aim of the Club is to restore the credit ratings for the parents and students from associates degree to doctorates degree who have taken these loans and are struggling to repay them. The thing about bad credit is that it will adversely impact the state of the person’s ability to live in a peaceful state of mind.