Q: What does The Forty Thousand Club mean?

A: The Forty Thousand Club are requesting at least forty thousand people to join us on our fundraiser journey daily.

Q: Who qualifies to be a beneficiary?

A: Anyone who owes student loan debt in the U.S.A qualifies to be a beneficiary.

Q: How can I become a beneficiary?

A: Click on our Beneficiaries page and fill out the application in details.

Q:Do I get acknowledged for donating?

A:  Yes. We post your name to our Thank You list every month.

Q: Is the donation tax deductible?

A: Yes. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Q: How do I get a receipt for tax purposes?

A: You will get a receipt in your email, mail or in person.

Q: Are all donation amounts accepted?

A: Yes. We accept any/all amount donations.

Q: How do I know which individual benefits from my donation?

A: When each beneficiary is in favor, they will have the option to make a video and put it onto YouTube, (the video will then be added onto our website) or they can add a testimonial directly to our website.

Q: Do donations only come from the United States of America?

A: Any individual globally can make a donation.

Q: Can beneficiaries come from another country?

A: All beneficiaries must have student loan debt from American Institutions.